Orion Fog Screen

The world’s only walk through projection screen & air to generate the thin slice of mist into which any image

Orion Fog Screen Interactive

The same concept of the fogscreen but this one has an Air touch system where you can reshape and move

Orion Interactive Living Surface

• Living Floor • Living Table • Living Kids Table • Living Counter • Living Poster • Living Window • Living Wall

Orion Digital Signage

• Orion 3D Display • Magic Mirror • Rollup Projection

Orion Booth

• Booth design and construction with high quality product with a touch of digital

Orion 3D Display’s

• Orion 3D screen • Orion Rollup Projection • Orion 32 inch Magic Mirror

Orion Video Mapping

Is an exciting new projection technique that can turn almost any surface into a dynamic video display.

Orion 3D Hologram

• Orion Hologram a large scale • 3D Holographic type projection system suitable for PR Sponsorship events

Orion Showcase

This 3D effects technique creates a flouting 3D holographic type image inside the system housing. It has a big

Orion Magic Globe

is an attraction from & especially natural from inside it offer room to up to 400 people depending on

Orion Video animation & Editing

we have our own studios for video and sound , we do all kind of video animation and video editing and montage.

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